Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event: how to watch today’s live stream online

No, Apple’s latest event isn’t about iPhones or even Macs. However, it is likely about iPads and Apple Watches, and if those are things that interest you — or if you want to know what else Apple may have up its sleeve — then you’ll want to watch the live stream of today’s events.

What can you expect? Rumors abound. In answer to the “Time Flies” moniker, you can probably expect two new Apple Watches: one high-end successor to the Series 5 (probably the Series 6), and one less expensive version to replace the Series 3. Another possibility is a new, redesigned iPad Air. There is talk of a new, more affordable HomePod and new subscription bundles. And who knows what else?

Want to know more? To find out, watch the keynote and follow our reporters as they contribute their expert commentary on the proceedings.

It starts today, September 15th, at 1PM ET / 10AM PT / 6PM BST.